When I first came across your gowns, I bought them because they were cute. I have to tell you though, they are very comfortable to wear in the hospital setting. I had spent 4 nights in the hospital and one night my husband took my gowns home to be washed and I had to wear the hospital gown provided. It was uncomfortable to say the least. What I loved most about your gown was the scooped neck, I didn't feel like I was choking. It was also easy for me to roll over in bed with it on and not feel constricted. ~ Gretchen

Thank you Cindi & Andrea!
The package was beautiful and my sister loved the suitcase and gowns. She thought they were the best thing ever and immediately modeled them for us. I wish you could have seen her face... it lit up the whole room! "
~ Elaini

“You women are genius! I received so many compliments on this gown. All the nurses loved it! I had people come in to my room just to see it because people were talking about it! Thanks for making something so fun to wear when you're not feeling so glamorous.” ~ Julie


"I work on the Post-Partum Unit as a nurse and I love walking into a room and seeing a patient with her own clothes on. It is important for our patients to feel comfortable while staying in the hospital. The gowns give them privacy along with comfort and style. Your gowns are spectacular and I recommend them to all my friends and coworkers." ~ Jaime

"Thank you B.Y.O.G for the option to have a beautiful wardrobe in the hospital!!!! I had a c-section, so I couldn't wear it in delivery... but the first chance I got to put it on in recovery it was GREAT!!!!! I had so many compliments on what a fashionable mommy I had become and I loved knowing I was wearing my own clothes... (not something someone may have died in!!!) This will be a gift that I give to many moms to be in the future!" ~ Sabeena