Q. Can I breastfeed in my B.Y.O.G.?
A. Yes. The sleeves unsnap for nursing your newborn with ease and minimal exposure.

Q. Does the gown cover my backside?
A. Yes. We've got you covered!

Q. How many gowns will I need?
A. Most new moms like to have two, so that you have one to wear during your delivery and one for the following day, or whenever you might expect visitors.

Q. What size should I buy?
A. S/M fits pre-pregnancy sizes 0-8, L/XL fits pre-pregnancy sizes 10-16.

Q. Is the ribbon belt optional?
A. Yes. Every gown has a coordinating ribbon belt. It's a great accessory to have after delivery and for looking great in all those photos! The gown was designed to be worn either way, so it's up to you.

Q. If I'm having a c-section will I still be able to wear a B.Y.O.G.?
A. Hospitals typically provide a sterile covering to use during the c-section, but you may wear your B.Y.O.G. while recovering and for the duration of your hospital stay. They are great for nursing.

Q. How do I care for my B.Y.O.G.?
A. We recommend washing the gown a couple of times before use. Our gowns are made from 100% soft cotton and will become softer after a few washes.

Machine wash * Mild detergent * No bleach * Tumble dry * Remove promptly

Q. Are there any other uses for a B.Y.O.G.?
A. Yes. Our gowns are great for any hospital stay and make great gifts to help lift spirits for patients during their recovery!